Founded in 1999 by Chris Malta, Worldwide Brands (see my Worldwide Brands review on for a full explanation of what WWB is) is a directory of certified wholesalers and drop shippers.  It was originally set up to help eBay sellers find more reliable suppliers to buy from, and has expanded in recent years to now offer about 16 million products from around 9,000 verified and guaranteed suppliers.

But with sites like DHGate and Ali Express around now, is a tool like Worldwide Brands even necessary anymore?

What Does Worldwide Brands Offer?

Worldwide Brands offers a large list of wholesale products from a diverse range of suppliers – most based in the United States, but many are from other countries too.

The key advantage that Worldwide Brands has over many competitors is that all of the suppliers it lists are fully researched and are guaranteed to be legitimate – something that sites like DHGate and Ali Express cannot compete with.

The Alternatives: DHGate and Ali Express

Both of these have many more products than Worldwide Brands (from unverified suppliers) and often the prices are cheaper for generic goods, as the suppliers are all based in China.

But they do not offer the same sort of service and quality guarantees – so while these sites are great for low priced wholesale goods, they are not as useful for someone looking for high quality items or authentic branded goods.  Worldwide Brands is – and that's why it still exists and can charge a membership fee of $299, even in 2018.