Over time, there is a constant number of foreign guests paying a visit in the province as time after time, the things that the province showcases still gets their interest. Situated in the central part of the country, the province is an ideal travel point to start any journey with the place of their liking. No later as well, Cebu has become a travel hub for foreign tourists and non-locals in the country. Such increase with tourist visits have been noted as well by the tourism sector of the province.

There are a lot of existing natural beauty of resources remaining within Cebu and time after time, the places have been welcoming them. However, Cebu’s south west side area has been prominent in gaining the interest of their visitors – Badian Cebu. The area is rich with fish ponds wherein it has been helping the place’s economy and on the other hand, Kawasan falls is another tourist attraction that has been inviting and welcoming a lot of guests over time. Kawasan falls is a three-layered falls not very common and seen in other areas in the country and to top it off, a canyoneering activity has been incorporated in the area to make it more interesting.