It may not be glamorous, but we all need to vacuum. Upright vacuum cleaners are a practical and efficient tool to keep your house clean. A good vacuum cleaner should have a sealed system and excellent filtration system so that it doesn’t blow back dust particles into your house. What matters most is how much dust a vacuum can pick up and retain.

When buying an upright vacuum cleaner, you should look for one that suits your home and lifestyle. Don’t just buy anything that’s cheap or else you could end with something that won’t do what you want. You need to keep your requirements in mind before deciding on an upright vacuum cleaner. Here are some tips you should keep in mind to ensure you invest in the best kit.

best upright vacuum

Cleaning Performance

The performance of a best vacuum cleaner is its most important aspect. Filtration, agitation, power and sealed system are all crucial components that you need to pay attention to. Let’s say you bought an extremely powerful vacuum but it doesn’t have a rubber lining to seal the compartment. Although the cleaner will efficiently remove dirt, the dust particles can seep through its seams and dirty your home once again. Therefore, you need to pay equal attention to all features.

Be sure to buy a cleaner that has suction control settings and a roller brush on-off switch, especially if you will be cleaning flat surfaces like hardwood or tile. A powerful suction coupled with a fast-spinning roller brush will scatter debris instead of capturing it. If you could control the suction setting, you could set it on low, which will allow you to clean your curtains too. In addition, you wouldn’t want roller brushes thrashing your favorite silk carpeting so it will be a blessing if you could just turn it off.


If you have to carry your machine up and down stairs, make sure you can easily handle its weight. Also, be sure you know the length of its power cord and if it’s feasible with your house. For instance, if you have a large house, you wouldn’t want to make frequent stops to change outlets. Another great design feature is reclining handles as they allow you to easily clean under low furniture like coffee tables and beds.


Don’t think warranties are secondary to the main features of an upright cleaner. More often than not, you will find a direct correlation between the quality of your cleaner and warranty coverage. After all, there must be a concrete reason for the company to claim its machine can work for many years. Be aware, though, that many warranties only cover the motor, and parts and labor are not included. Another thing to consider is whether the manufacturer has service centers near your home. You wouldn’t want to ship your vacuum cleaner for repairs since shipping can be quite pricey.

Upright vacuum cleaners are easy to use and can keep your floors clean for years to come if you invest in the best kit for the job. There is something for everyone, so you can be sure to find something to suit your needs.