Affordability, privacy and the freedom to live like a local, are just some of the benefits of short term rentals. As a result, they have become a popular choice of accommodation for many people on holidays.

However, to be able to find the right place to stay for you and your family, there are things that you need to inspect in a short term rental before booking. Read on to learn more:


We all want our children to be safe and comfortable all the time. That is why you need to search for a house that's appropriate for young children if you're a parent. It's not enough to be told that the rentals are children-friendly; you have to check the spaces personally to ensure that everything is in order prior to signing the lease agreement.

For instance, check the state of the windows. Are they easy or hard to open? You certainly don't want your kids to escape through the window while you're in the bathroom or kitchen. Worse still, you may be robbed easily through a window that's very easy to open. Other things to look out for include the safety of electrical plugs, beds, as well as cribs.


For many animal lovers, pets form part of their family, such that when they go on vacations, the pets aren't left behind. If you plan to bring your cute little animal along with you, ask upfront if the rental house allows pets. 

You might find that some places allow dogs, but not cats, while others allow only small dogs. For that reason, ask specifically what kind of pets are allowed, and if there are any extra fees you'll need to pay for keeping them on the property.

Parking Fees

Another thing to ask is if the rental fee covers parking space. If not, you'll want to add up the parking fee to the quoted rental fee to see if you're still able to pay. If not, consider looking into other affordable short term rental units that are within your budget. 

Insurance Cover

Find out the kind of insurance included in the rental fee. Because we're human, we can't say for sure that we'll be careful enough to avoid causing accidents. That's why you'll want to ensure that the insurance will cover any damages that may take place, while you're staying in the building.

There are some units that charge a separate upfront damage fee, which is refunded at the end of your stay after the house has been inspected. There are also others that have an insurance cover for potential disasters like fire and flood. Let the rental agency or property owner tell you what is covered, and what isn't.

Utility Fees

Just like insurance, you'll find that some agencies include the utility charges in the rental fee, while others charge an extra fee. In case utilities are included, ask if things like cable fees, internet usage and long-distance calls are covered.

A happy holiday starts with getting a good place to stay. And with the above checklist, I'm sure getting your next dream home will be a breeze. Read more on this blog post.