Courtesy: healthfitnessrevolution

There are many benefits of exercising in the water. Water not only helps you keep cool but it also helps in increasing muscle strength. Read on to find out more:

1. Increases muscle strength

The flow of water is unpredictable and moves in every direction. So working out in the water means that you have to apply extra strength to mobilize muscles into action.

2. Increases flexibility and reduces stress

Resisting water while exercising means you are moving more in every direction which increases your flexibility. Furthermore, exercising is a good stress reliever.  Moving against the water massages and relaxes your body.

3. Increases stamina and endurance

Working out in the pool is a great way to build stamina and cardiovascular endurance. While in the cool water, blood is pumped at a faster rate to warm it up improving cardio performance.

4. It is less taxing on joints

If exercising is taxing on your joints, doing so in the water will be less stressful and relieve joint pain.  It alleviates the pressure that is place on joints during the normal workout.

5. Helps you cool off during exercise

One of the negatives of working out is that the body heats up and you end up quitting quickly. The water helps you cool off and maintain your workout.

Water aerobics is a fitness movement that has gained a lot of followers. It can be very helpful in losing weight and is also a fun activity to enjoy with friends and family. You can choose a fitness camp in Thailand that offers water aerobics as a means of losing weight so do check it out on your next trip there.